Revised 1 April 2022

CALOTROPIS is a genus of tropical shrubs or small trees. Flowers are heavy and thick with a tall corona. Need room and good light. Grow on the dry side. This is not a house plant.

gigantea, R. Brown     C- CROWN FLOWER - Either white or lavender, 1" heavy flowers; leaves large, silvery green, partially fuzzy, on a large bush or small tree. Used in lei making here in Hawaii. India, Burma, Indonesia  This is really not a house plant.

DISCHIDIAS are tropical, epiphytic vines that are nearly all myrmecodial (ant harboring). They do best planted on a slab of tree fern or in a basket with a loose mix. Keep in 50% or more sunlight, 50F minimum temperature and 50% humidity. The flowers are all urn-shaped with the top of the corolla split for about 1/4 of the depth - , creating the urn with 5 small petals. The shingle (imbricate) types must have a nearly flat support otherwise the new leaves will curl up and be much smaller. In nature, ants live under the imbricate leaves that are attached to the support.

benghalensis, Coleb.  C- Very small white flowers; 2-3 in umbel; leaves are thick, nearly always terete on a wild, scrambling, pale (nearly gray) vine with long internodes. India to Malaysia

cleistantha, Livsch.    C- 3/8" tall, white and lavender flowers; 8-l0 in umbel; plant much like imbricata. Philippines Must be planted with support.


DISCHIDIA CLEISTANTHA, One of the "biggest flowered" of the genus.

imbricata, Warb.     C- Small yellow and white flowers; 5-6 in the umbel; leaves 1", growth like diphylla but dark green. Needs support (shingle-stacked leaves). Malaysia-Thailand-Indonesia Must be planted with support.

ioanthe     C - Small 1/8" white flowers, 12-14 in umbel; leaves pale green, medium sized on a scrambling vine.  This is sold all over Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, as a hanging pot plant. Don't know the country of origin.

lutescens Zipp.      D- As major but with egg-shaped, 2.5” saccate leaves. Timor Must be planted with support.

major, (Vahl) Merr. D- Medium yellow flowers; few in umbel; leaves either flat, 1" or saccate to 4" tall, hollow, light green. See in Exotica III. An ant hotel. Syn rafflesiana. Malaysia to Australia This is a xerophyte. Must be planted with support.

var. IPPS 35    D- Same as typical form, except the saccate leaves are 6" tall and quite flat. Another ant hotel annex - for skinny ants. Don’t know country of origin.  This is a xerophyte. This is a weirdo! Must be planted with support.

nummularia,  Brown C- Small white flowers, few in umbel; leaves very small and thick.  This plant gets to be so big and heavy that it makes trees collapse in Malaysia, where it is from. This is a succulent but lives with high humidity. Best planted with support.

DISCHIDIA NUMMULARIA from Malaysia and Indonesia

ovata, Benth.     D- Quite large yellow-green and purple-striped flowers; several in umbel; leaves 2", with prominent veins, oval, red in sun. The Watermelon Dischidia.  A beautiful vine. Australia

DISCHIDIA OVATA, from the Mangrove swamps of Queensland, Australia

ruscifolia, Decne.     - THE MILLION HEARTS DISCHIDIA. Tiniest white flowers; single in umbel; leaves 1/2", heart-shaped, on a modest pendant vine. This is a different Dischidia. Philippines. This is some time mistakenly called H. ruscifolia.

DISCHIDIA RUSCIFOLIA, growing on a rock, in the hot sun

tonsuensis, T Green    D- White flowers on an odd vine, stems and pedicels dusted with a white powder; leaves emarginate.  Sulawesi, Indonesia


sp. Wrinkled     D- Small white and pink flowers; 5-6 in umbel; leaves and growth like diphylla but dark green, wrinkled and with prominent venation. Must be planted with support. Don’t know country of origin.

-sp. Geri     C- Small ivory flowers; 6-8 in umbel; leaves 1", hard, emarginate, gray-green, held upright, on a heavy vine. I don't know where Geri Ham Young got it.

HOYAS are either tropical or subtropical, terrestrial or epiphytic, vines or shrubs. It is best to assume that they are all epiphytic and grow them in light mixes with good drainage, moderate light and a minimum temperature of 50F (10C).

About Eriostemma Hoyas:  This is a separate genus (Eriostemma) - and is separated from Hoya by having certain characters - the most obvious being the free-standing hairy column that stands in a "cup" at the point of attachment  with the corolla.  Eriostemma means wooly crown in Greek.   IN THIS LIST THEY ARE SHOWN AS HOYAS. They are all vines and like alkaline conditions so add oyster shell to mix.  Most do not flower until they reach good light and ventilation - usually, at the tops of trees; for this reason, they may not flower under house conditions with low light intensity and stale air.

acuta, Haw.     C- 1/2", white and pink flowers; 50 in umbel; leaves variable, hard, palmately veined, on a robust vine. Easy of the easiest, an easy bloomer - easily! Syn H. parasitica, H. pallida, H. verticillata (the true name) but so many know it as acuta. Thailand-Malaysia-Indonesia

-- variegated form    D - as the type except that the margins of the leaves are white.  A beautiful, interesting vine.

affinis, Hemsl.     C- 2", bright red-maroon, bald flowers, musk odor; l0-12 in umbel; leaves 4", fuzzy, on a robust vine. Add oyster shell to mix. Solomon Islands. An Eriostemma

                                                                                                                                          HOYA AFFINIS Dark form    

D- As type but with much darker, nearly black-red flowers. Add oyster shell to mix. Solomon Islands  An Eriostemma

albiflora, Zipp. ex Blume.     C- 1", starry, white/red flowers; 15-20 in umbel; large, 6", fuzzy leaves on a robust vine.  Add oyster shell to mix. Papua New Guinea

aldrichii, Hemsley      D- Whole plant somewhat like H. nicholsoniae, 1/2", white/pale pink and rose flowers, 20-40 flowers in umbel.  Christmas Island, (the Australian one, west of Java, in the Indian Ocean)  This is good!

 HOYA ALDRICHII, from Christmas Island

amoena ssp bogorensis T Green & Kloppenburg  D - 1/2", pink flowers;  20 - 30 in umber; leaves medium, very firm, some leaves clumped and whorled at the nodes, on a moderate vine. Indonesia. 

angustifolia, Elmer    D- 1/4", reddish, 20-25 in umbel; leaves very narrow to 3 inches, dark green on pendant vine.  Philippines  This has been called tsangii, odetteae but is different! 

anulata, Schl.     D- 1/3", white/rose flower; 8-10 in umbel; moderately sized, flat, sometimes speckled leaves, on a compact vine. Papua New Guinea

SOME INTERESTING LEAVES - For scale, the H. meredithii is 10" long

TOP ROW: H. finlaysonii, H. x Jennifer, H. clemensiorum and H. vitellina

BOTTOM ROW: H. callistophylla, H. meredithii, H. deykeae and H. vitellinoides

archboldiana, Norman     D- for 2 node cutting. Flower 1", cupped with tips bent backward, rose/pink (4148 form); l0-12 flowers in umbel; plants like macgillivrayii - fragrance and all. A vine. This is a winner! . Papua New Guinea

var YM Excellent     E- for 2 node cutting. 1-1/4" cupped flowers, as the type except that the cup is white and the lobes red; fewer flowers in umbel. This is fantastic!!! Papua New Guinea

var  IML 414     E -for 2 node cutting.  Quite like 4148 but may be almost white under some conditions.








australis, R. Brown     C- 1/2" to 3/4", white and pink flowers; 20-40 in umbel; leaves extremely variable, on a very robust vine. Australia-Samoa. Typical form, but here are some others:

ssp keysii ym     C- 1/2” white flowers, leaves 1" - 1-1/2", fuzzy, nearly round, on a moderate vine. Should be grown on the dry side to see its typical growth. Australia

ssp oramicola, Hill    D - 1/2", white flowers; 15 in umbel; leaves thick, light green, 4" on a stocky viny-bush.  This is xerophytic so grow it dry in winter. Australia

var Tonga        D- Largest leaf of all the australises .  Flowers as type, about 3/4".  Tonga

benitotanii, Kloppenburg    D-1/4", golden yellow flowers; 20-30 in the flat umbel; glossy green, clean leaves on a medium vine. Philippines.This is good !


blashernaezii, Kloppenburg     D- ½”, semi-campanulate, yellow flowers; 10-20 in umbel. Medium leaves much like bordenii on a moderate, loose vine.  Philippines

-ssp siariae, Kloppenburg   D- ½”, semi-campanulate, pink flowers; 10-20 in umbel. Very close to type except the leaves are wider, reddish color  and the color of the flower pink, not yellow. This was previously H. siariae. Interesting plant. Philippines

brevialata Klein & Van Donkelaar    C- Small, white to red flowers; 15-20 in umbel; on a rather compact vine,  Previously H. pallilimba.  Sulawesi, Indonesia



buotii, Klopp.    E - 1-1/4", greenish-white with red center, fuzzy flowers, 10 - 12 in umbel; thin medium leaves on medium-small vine. The flowers look frosted. Philippines There is a difference of opinion whether this is a synoym with halconensis


HOYA BUOTII, the Frosted Hoya, from the Philippines 

burtoniae, Kloppenburgii  C- Raspberry color, 1/4" lacunosa - like flowers; 15-20 in umbel; dark green, small leaves, on a modest vine. This is a beautiful vine. Philippines.


HOYA BURTONIAE, The rampant bloomer!

callistophylla, T. Green     F-  1/2", yellow and red flowers; 20-25 in umbel; leaves handsomely veined, halfway between meredithii and finlaysonii, on a robust vine. See front of this catalog, Beautiful leaf!   Sumatra and Malaysia

calycina, Schl.     E- 2" white and red flowers, beautiful fragrance; large, fuzzy leaves on a robust vine.  Add oyster shell to mix. Papua New Guinea

HOYA CALYCINA, one of the strongest fragrances in Hoyas

camphorifolia, Warb.    C-  3/16”, pink, half-closed flowers; 20-25 in umbel,  modest vine with veined leaves like camphor tree.  Philippines

HOYA CAMPHORIFOLIA, from the Philippines

cardiophylla, Merrill   C- 1/'3" yellow-white flowers; 10-15 in umbel; whole plant much like australis but the leaves are heart-shaped. Philippines

carnosa, R. Brown     C- The Common Wax Vine. 3/4" white and pink flowers; 20 in umbel; leaves waxy, variable, 4", on a moderate vine. There are many horticultural forms of this species. China-Japan  This USDA collection was from Southern Japan

caudata, Hooker f.     F- 3/4", buff yellow and rose flowers; 8-10 in umbel; leaves 5", mottled green and red with splashes of silver, slightly crenulated edge; on a moderate vine. This is a handsome vine!  Malaysia and Indonesia

celata, Kloppenburg, et al    D- 1", white flowers; 20-25 in umbel on a medium vine that closely resembles H. pubicalyx. Differs from pubicalyx in that sometimes the tips of the coronal lobes are bifid, bent down and back so they are hidden (celata = hidden) Philippines

HOYA CELATA from the Philippines

chlorantha, Rechinger     D-3/4", apple-green flowers; 8-10 in umbel; leaves 3", shiny with wavy edge; on a modest vine.  Samoa

chlorantha var. tutuilensis, Christ.  D- 3/4", pale maroon flowers with darker venation in corolla; 8-10 in umbel; leaves 3", shiny; on a modest vine. Samoa

chunii, Li    D- 1/4", buff flowers; 25-30 in umbel; leaves medium sized on a dark stemmed robust, wiry vine. Some stems are nearly black. Syn H. hellwigiana     Papua New Guinea.  

ciliata, Elmer     D- THE BLACK HOYA - 3/4", shiny, red to black-red, starry flowers; 6-8 in umbel; leaves 3", fuzzy, on a moderate vine. This is an Eriostemma Add oyster shell to mix. Syn H. madulidii. An Eriostemma. Southern Philippines. 

cinnamomifolia, Hooker     E- 3/4", yellow-green and red flowers; 12-l5 in umbel; leaves large, with prominent veins, whole leaf much like the Cinnamon Tree's. A wild vine. Indonesia

citrina, Ridley    D- 1/2", pale yellow flowers; 20-30 in umbel; leaves large, palmately veined, handsome, on a robust vine.  Peninsular Malaysia.

clemensiorum, T Green    F- 1/4”, buff and maroon flowers; 30-35 in umbel. Handsomely veined, large leaf (to 21") with a drip tip; a robust vine. Leaves can be very hard, heavy and prominently veined - sorta Jurassic-looking.   Sabah Malaysia.


HOYA CLEMENSIORUM - The "Jurassic" hoya

cominsii, Hemsl.    D- Whole plant very similar to nicholsoniae but the leaves are rounder, beautifully veined and may get red in bright light. 1/2" yellow flower with white corona; 15-20 in umbel on a fairly compact vine.     Solomon Islands.    

coronaria, Blume     D- 1-1/4" to 2", pale cream to white, to pink (in bright light) flowers; 3-7 in umbel; leaves large, fuzzy, on a robust vine. Add oyster shell or lime to mix for this is a terrestrial species. An Eriostemma     Malaysia 

HOYA CORONARIA, with its hard, large flowers - the color  and amount of spotting depends on the light

crassicaulis, Elmer     C- 1/4", buff and red flower; 50 in umbel; leaves much like darwinii but never bullate, on a rank vine. Seed pods held straight up. Syn H. incrassata?  Philippines

cumingiana, Decne.     D- 3/8", yellow and purple flowers; l0-15 in umbel; leaves 1-1/2", thick, light green, on a rigid small bush. Really a different hoya.  Add oyster shell to mix. Philippines

cupula, al   D- Tiny, bright red flowers; 5-10 in umbel; small 1" leaves on a smal vine. Philippines  Interesting 

cutis-porcelana,  Surez, et al   E- 1/2, white/red  flowers; in umbel 5-10; leaves medium on avine.  Philippines

curtisii, King and Gamble     D- 1/2", buff flowers; 10-15 in umbel; small, Dischidia-like, silver blotched leaves, on small, cute, pendant vine. Malaysia, Philippines, S. Thailand, PNG?  This plant looks like a frosted Dischidia. I have always thought of  this this as the opriginal  un-recollected Hoya pruinosa from New Guinea.

cystiantha, Schlecter    E for 2 node cutting. 1/2" - 3/4", creamy-ochre to white flower; 10 to 25 in umbel, on a persistent peduncle. Plant shrubby but may develop runners as it matures. Flower with more substance, leaves more rigid and  the flower half the size of H. danumensis. Night fragrance like citronella or lemon grass. Sumatra and Western Malaysia.

danumensis, Rodda and Nyhuus    E, As campanulata except that the coronal lobes are broader, there are bumps between the calyxes and sometimes the edge to the corolla is rolled back. I collected this at the entrance to Danum Valley, Sabah, Malaysia, and for years considered this to be campanulata. Flowers anytime for me. 

HOYA  CYSTIANTHA and HOYA DANUMENSIS - 2 bushy to viney beauties

H. cystiantha, (top left), H danumensis, (top right) H campanulata? LTL1 (bottom)

dasyantha, Tsiang     D- Flower and growth quite similar to H. fungii but flowers a bit smaller and leaves more acute. Clear sap. This is very handsome plant. Does not flower as readily as H. fungii. Vietnam

davidcummingii, Kloppenburg    E- 1/2" yellow flowers; 10 in umbel; medium-small, lanceolate leaves, on a modest vine. This is good! Philippines

densifolia, Turcz.     D- Flowers and general growth as cumingiana but with larger, pointed leaves and not as thick as H. cumingiana, on a bush. Add oyster shell to mix.    Southern Philippines and Indonesia

deykeae, T Green     F- 1/4”, straw colored flower; 30-40 in umbel; handsomely veined, medium sized leaf with the end chopped off (truncate or emarginate). A medium sized, novel vine. Sumatra (Aceh Province). 

diptera. Seemann     C- 3/4", pale yellow-green flowers; 15 in umbel; leaves 2" fairly flat long and thin, on a robust clean vine. Fiji  Please read my lips - say di - tera! which means 2 wings.

diversifolia, Blume      C- 1/4", rose-pink flowers; 15 in umbel (it flowers in spurts); leaves variable, hard, with a turned down, sharp edge, on a robust, weedy vine. Easiest Hoya to grow. Thailand-Indonesia-Philippines-Malaysia

elliptica, Hooker f.      F- 3/8”, white flowers; 15-20 in umbel; leaves flat, 4” rounded, venation that looks like a turtle's back, on a moderate vine - . Malaysia 

erythrina, Rintz     E- 1/2", pale orange flowers; 5-8 in umbel; leaves blotched, dark green, handsome veined, on a robust vine. Malaysia

erythrostemma, Kerr      D- 1/3", white corolla with red corona; 25-30 flowers in umbel; leaves hard with prominent venation on robust vine.  Malaysia and Thailand. For comparison, erythrostemma  is on the right and mindorensis superba on the left. 

estrellaensis  T Green & Kloppenburg  C-  1/2" white flowers, 15-20 in umbel; leaves medium sized, on a robust vine. Palawan, Philippines  Previously H. palawanica.  I first collected this with David and Odette Cumming in 1993 - then 19 years to name it!

excavata, Teism. & Binn.     D- 1/2" rose flower, very similar to H. meliflua. Growth much as H.diversifolia but leaves large and obovate with sharp, down-turned edge. Sulawesi, Indonesia

finlaysonii, Wight     D- 1/2", yellow and red flowers; 35 in umbel; leaves 5", light green with prominent veins, on a moderate vine. West Malaysia

fischeriana, Warb.  C- 1/2" yellow and white flowers; 10-20 in umbel; leaves  light green, medium sized, palmately veined.  Philippines

fitchii, Kloppenburg     E- 3/8”, yellow and red flowers; 10-20 in umbel; medium-small, reticulate veined, handsomely veined leaves on a compact vine. This was previously H. cagayanensis   Philippines  


HOYA FITCHII, One of the handsomest Hoyas, from the Philippines

fraterna, Blume     E-  3/4",golden yellow fuzzy flowers, 40 - 50 in umbel; plant practically a dead-ringer for H. coriacea (hence, fraterna = a brother/cousin to)Borneo and Indonesia This is good.

fungii, Merrill     E- Flowers like a large carnosa; 30-50 in umbel; fragrant; leaves large, dark green and fuzzy, on a moderate vine. One of my favorites. Clear sap. Southern China

fuscomarginata, Brown    E- 3/8", Pale yellow flowers; 20 in umbel; leaves large (to 8"), ovate, light green with dark purple margin, on a robust vine. Smell - WOW, UGH!  Indonesia

glabra, Schl.     F- 1/2”, purplish flowers; 15-25 in umbel; ovate leaves can be up to  8“x 11" - (good competition for H. pentaphlebia), on a robust vine. This is the “Green’s Gaudy Giant” as shown in a past issue of the Fraterna. Sabah, Malaysia

globulosa, Hooker f.     F -Does not flower for me. Leaves attractive, 6", hairy, wavy, light green with dark veins, on a moderately-robust, vine - practically a dead-ringer for H. villosa. To make it bloom it probably needs cooler conditions than what I can provide. India and Burma

golamcoiana, Kloppenburg     D-White flowers; plant much like cumingiana but leaves smooth, shiny and farther apart, on a loose scrambling bush. Fragrant. Palawan, Philippines

graveolens, Kerr     C- 3/4", white and rose flowers; 6-10 in umbel; medium size, dark green leaf on modest vine. Beautiful, unusual color of flower but smells like H. fuscomarginata - UGH!  Thailand.

griffithiana, Decne. E- 1/2" white flowers; 5-10 in umbel; medium nar leaves; on a modest vine. Cooler India

guppyi, Oliver     C- 1-1/2", pale pink and green to red, slightly fuzzhany flowers; l0-12 in umbel; leaves and growth like H. affinis. As with all of this Eriostemma group, a shy blooming vine in a greenhouse. Add oyster shell to mix. The first large flowered Hoya I had ever seen - I collected it on Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands, in 1963. This is the one that got me started on Hoyas. An Eriostemma

halconensis, Klopp. et all   see H  buotii

hanhiae, Phan. & Aver. F 1/2 yellow to rose flower; 20 - 25 in umbel; medium sized lveaves on robust vine. Viet Nam and  S China.

halophila, Schl.    C - Plant much like H litoralis but with shorter, rounder leaves, IML 1116, Ramu River, PNG

heuschkeliana ssp heuschkeliana, Klopp.     D-3/16", pink, urn-shaped flower - half way between a hoya and a dischidia; 4-6 in umbel, 2" leaves on small, neat vine. Philippines. Still think this is belongs in another genus.

-- yellow form. D

-variegata                F- Like the type except the leaves are mottled green and white.  From hort. 

hollrungii, Warb.     C-1-1/4", dark to pale red, flat flowers; 4-6 in umbel; leaves 4", fuzzy, on a robust vine. Add oyster shell to mix.  Cape York, Australia, PNG. An Eriostemma     


D- Black Star (ciliata x Ruthie), very dark clone from same seed pod as Optimistic.  This is not the Black Star shown on the Inter Net.

E- Christine (pachyclada x acuta)    Half way between the 2 parents, in growth and flowers. This is a slow growing  succulent. From horticulture. MM hybrid?

C- Iris Marie (schneei? x odorata?) From DL collection. Bushy plant with pendant stems. Slightly fragrant, white and rose flowers (previously H. paziae)

HOYA IRIS MARIE -- flowers every month for me

E - Jennifer (syn Germany) Parentage unknown

E- Kaimuki (macgillivrayi x archboldiana) Outstanding, 2-1/2", bright dark red flowers on vine like archboldiana. MM hybrid. Named after Kaimuki, the district of Honolulu where MM lives.

 KAIMUKI  (macgillivrayi x archboldiana)

D - Mathilde (serpens x carnosa ?) D 1/3", white flowers; leaves small, nearly round on a modest vine.

D- Monette (coronaria x lauterbachii), large (3"), slightly cupped white or pink corona with red center, few in umbel, on a large vine. Full sun to do best. EG hybrid. An Eriostemma. Ed's selected "Monette" looks much like the long sought after H. gigas, from New Guinea.  I think that this is Ed's best hybrid.

MONETTE - Ed's best hybrid

C- Minibelle, possibly (carnosa x longifolia), pinkish flowers; 10 in umbel; leaves dark green, 4" intermediate between 2 parents, on a neat vine. Hummel hybrid.

D- Noelle,  possibly (fuscomarginata x vitellina) much like fuscomarginata but with rounder leaf MM hybrid

D-  Isabella - sister of Black Star (ciliata x Ruthie) 1-1/2", hard, color contrasted  flower, good bloomer in strong light. Another EG hybrid


D- Ruthie, (MM  x  ariadna), 1-1/4", like a beautiful, multicolored salmon-yellow-red affinis.. Whole plant is shiny, bald. Needs full sun to do best. An Eriostemma  EG hybrid

RUTHIE, when grown in bright light

C- Sheppardell, possibly (carnosa x longifolia) as Minibelle except leaves much wider. Hummel hybrid.

Note:    MM is an abbreviation for Michael Miyashiro, EB for Emile Begine, EG for Ed Gilding, Hummel Nsy., Hort from horticulture, and Nature.

ilagiorum, Klopp. & Siar     D - 1/2", reddish-orange flowers; 18-20 in umbel; leaves and vine growth quite similar to H bordenii.  Philippines

HOYA ILAGIORUM, from the Philippines (Monina Siar photo)

imbricata, Decne. F - for 3 node cutting. 1/2", ball-shaped, greenish-white flowers; 20-25 in umbel; leaves 3", round, dark green with red or gray blotching, shingle fashion much like D. diphylla except that the leaves are one above the other, on a vine.  Indonesia   Must be planted with flat support to grow right. Commonest Hoya on Palawan.

--var basicordata, Kds    F - Much like the type except the flowers are larger and the leaves are solid green (without blotching), Indonesia Syn H. maxima. This is rare!

imperialis, Lindley    D-3", violet-red, thick flowers; 8-l0 on a heavy, drooping umbel; leaves to 12", light green with wavy edge, on a robust, heavy vine. Truly handsome plant and flowers. Add oyster shell to mix for all forms. Eastern Malaysia and Palawan, Philippines.

We do not offer the variety called "Mosaic" for I believe it to be virused and a risk to other plants.

--var. alba     $40 for 2 node cutting. Flower as the type except that it is white with a slight greenish tint. Leaves hard, not wavy, as the type. I found this as a small seedling on Palawan, Philippines, in 1993 - first flowered in October ‘98. This is a 1 in 10,000 miracle. Palawan, Philippines

--var. Palawan   D- Flowers and growth as type but flowers may be golden yellow with some pink blush or sometimes reddish - quite variable. Palawan, Philippines  In Sweden this is erroneously called var rauschii.

--var. Dark Form        D- Plant and flowers like the type, except the color is much darker violet-red.  Eastern Sabah, Malaysia

--var. Mary's Pink     D - Plant and flowers like type except the color is a handsome pink.  Sabang, Palawan, Philippines

               Mary's Pink, Sabang, Palawan                                                     Dorothy's Lavender 

--var. Dorothy's Lavender    D - Plant like type except the flower is over 3-1/2"! and lavender.  Seedling from the pod we got at Nexus Resort, Sabah

--var. rauschii        D - Flowers much as type except color is maroon with paler corolla than type and corolla lobes narrower than type. Malaysia.




inconspicua, Hemsl.     C- !/4" balled  shaped red flowers; 10-20 in umbel; leaves small, shiny, lanceolate on a wiry scrambling vine. Syn H. litoralis? H. rosea? H. dodecatheiflora? Papua New Guinea and Solomons

incurvula, Schl.     C- Small, pink and red, small, lacunosa-like flowers; 30-40 in umbel; leaves 2" light green, on a wiry, robust vine. Sulawesi, Indonesia

inflata, Wann. and Forester    F- 3/4", yellow, "balloon" flowers; 8-12 in umbel; leaves medium on a modest vine. Syn Madangia inflata.  Papua New Guinea     


HOYA INFLATA, Like little lanterns

ischnopus, Schl.     C- 3/4", gold and salmon, fuzzy flowers; 20 in umbel; leaves handsome, 4", shiny green, on a modest vine. Solomons and Papua New Guinea  I like this one!

kastbergii, Kloppenberg     C Plant, flowers and growth generally resembling H. vanuatuensis but the leaves are nearly round and not shiny.  Creamy-yellow, 1/3" flowers; 6-8 in umbel; leaves 2-3" long on a moderate vine. Sarawak, Malaysia 

kenejiana, Schl.     C- 3/8", golden-yellow flowers; l5-30 in umbel; leaves 5", dark green on a robust vine. This is a fine Hoya. Papua New Guinea

kerrii, Craib.     C- 1/4", buff flowers that drip nectar; l0 in umbel; leaves heart-shaped attached at tip, on a wild vine. 3 types: Downy surface, smooth or with prominent veins. Thailand  This is called the Sweetheart Hoya, by some.  I think his name was pronounced as Karr - as Debra Kerr.

--variegated form  D - As the type except that the leaves are blotched with yellow, sometimes up to 75%.  I real interesting beauty. Some list this as H. kerrii var albo-marginata.  Thailand

kloppenburgii, T Green    D- 1/2" golden yellow flowers; 15-20 in umbel; medium-large pale green and reddish leaves (red underneath with black dots) with thickened edges, on a robust vine. Sabah, Malaysia 


HOYA KLOPPENBURGII, from Sabah, Malaysia

krohniana, Kloppenburg and Siar    C- Whole plant much like H lacunosa except leaves are ovate - nearly heart-shaped, fewer dips. Philippines

kanyakumariana, Henry & Sw    E - 1/4" white and red flowers;  10-15 in umbel; small plant with interesting 1" crenulate leaves. S. India  

Hoya kanyakumariana This hoya is one of my favorites. Habitat:Indhia  #hoyakanyakumariana #asclepiadaceae #apocynaceae #waxflowe… | Hoya plants,  Plants, House plants

HOYA KANYAKUMARIANA, from Southern India

lacunosa, Blume     C- 1/4", ball shaped, white and yellow flowers; l5 in umbel; leaves small, on a modest, pendant vine. Very fragrant and one of the very finest hoyas for a houseplant. 3 different leafed forms. Malaysia and Indonesia 

lambii, T Green        F. The "Funnel Hoya", 1/2", green and white flowers; 20-40 in umbel; leaves large, clustered, often forming an upright basin that fills with debris and then fills with roots and then ants.    Sabah, Malaysia. I named tthis for my friend Tony Lamb of Sabah.

HOYA LAMBII  Showing general growth and umbel.

lamingtoniae, Bailey  C-1/2", dark rose flowers; 10-12 in umbel; leaves dark green, any form, from one like the Bay Tree (3")  to 8", floppy and with a wavy edge, on a loose, robust vine. Papua New Guinea

latifolia, G. Don   F- 1/2”, drab rose flowers; 35-40 in umbel; handsome leaves to 9”, palmately veined, shiny, dark green on a robust vine.  Indonesia and Malaysia 

lauterbachii, K. Schuman     F 2-1/2” to 3-1/2”  rose-red and green, heavy, cupped flower; 4 - 8 in umbel; leaves medium size on a robust vine. Eastern Papua New Guinea. An Eriostemma. 

HOYA LAUTERBACHII, with its heavy, 3" flowers

leucorhoda, Schl.     C- 1", white and pink flowers; 15-20 in umbel; leaves 4", shiny on a moderate vine. I like this clean, neat, beaut!  Papua New Guinea

lucardenasii, Koppenburg, et al E  - 1/4" red flowers; 15-20 in umbel; eaves small. Philppines                          

linusii, A Lamb, et al   F - Flowers 3/4", golden yellow; 15 -20 in umbel; leaves and growth much like H. danumensis.  Sabah, Malaysia     



litoralis, Schl.    C- Flowers like lacunosa except that they are red; 15-20 in umbel; leaves medium-small, shiny, dark green, lanceolate, on a modest vine. Syn H. inconspicua, H. rosea, H. dodecathiflora. Solomon Islands, Banks Islands and Indonesia - along the beaches.

lobbii, Hooker f.     E- 3/4” red flowers; 15-20 in umbel; leaves 1 -1/2” x 4” on a bushy, pendant shrub - growth much like H. polyneura.  India and Burma

loheri, Kloppenburg    E-flowers as plicata except yellow and rusty-brown; 10 in umbel; leaves narrow, rolled back, medium size, on a very compact vine.  Leaves get red in the sun. Philippines 

HOYA LOHERI In bright light - Xmas?

longifolia, Wallich     C- 1/4", white with carmine center; 6-8 in umbel; leaves long and narrow 1" x 6", light green on a modest, clumping vine. North India, Burma and Thailand

loyceandrewsiana, T Green     F- 1/2", buff flowers; 30-50 in umbel; leaves 1/4" thick, 8" x 9", on a robust vine. This is the heaviest Hoya leaf that I know - should be sold by the pound - for a door stop!  We ship the smaller leaved ones, of course. Some say that this is latifolia - but I believe them wrong. Indonesia?

lucardenasiana, Kloppenburg, Siar & Cajano E- 3/8" rose flower, 20-30 in umbel.  Interesting 2" ovate to nearly round, glossy leaves on a modest vine. Not many collectors have this one. Philippines  

macgillivrayi, Bailey     D- 3 - 3-1/4", slightly cupped to flat, dark maroon flower; 8 -12 in umbel; leaves long, shiny, large and heavy, dark green. This is one of the finest hoyas - with night fragrance much like H. megalaster. Cape York, Australia

magnifica, Foster & Liddle     F - NEW GUINEA WHITE HOYA, 2”, clear white flowers; 10 in umbel; overpowering sweet, Gardenia-Nutmeg fragrance; leaves 6” fuzzy, on a robust vine. Add oyster shell to mix. New Guinea  

mappigera, Rodda & Simonsson   E- 2" pale yellow, cupped flower; single flowers that open one at a time on a 2-3 peduncle; leaves medium, soft, on a scrambling vine.  This blooms all of the time for us. 2 types- Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah.

HOYA MAPPIGERA, the "Napkin Hoya" (with ants!)

megalaster, Warb ex Schumann/Lauterbach   F-1" dark maroon, partially closed flower; 6-10 in umbel; a slow growing vine with very dark, wide leaves.. Papua New Guinea   

meliflua, Merrill     D- 3/4", drab red flowers with 5 dark red stains (from nectar); 5-10 in umbel; leaves 5"-6", shiny, on a robust, clean vine. Philippines 

memoria, Kloppenburg   C- Flowers as lacunosa but red, with hooked lobes; leaves perfectly lanceolate, flat, silver flecked, on a handsome modest vine. Philippines, Sulawesi 


HOYA MEMORIA, named after Memorial Gardens, a cemetery in Manila

meredithii, T Green     F 1/2", yellow and white flowers; 35 in umbel; leaves very handsome, 6" to l2", pale green with dark green veins, wavy edge, on a robust vine. You won’t believe that this is a Hoya!   This is the first Hoya I named - (after my friend York Meredith of Dee Why, Australia) who found it. Sarawak 

merrillii, Schl.   D- 2/3", straw colored flowers; 30 in umbel (multiple peduncles); leaves 4", prominent palmate veins, on a moderate vine. A blooming fool and fragrant too!!     Philippines

mindorensis ssp superba, Klopp     C- Very similar to erythrostemma (see) except that the flower colors are reversed - dark red corolla with white corona. Philippines This is one of the finest Hoyas - blooms year around for me.

monetteae, T Green   C- Very large (6" - 8") leafed thing resembling diversifolia but with clear sap; 1/2" white, very fragrant flowers; 15-20 in umbel; very robust vine.  First found this one in a Mangrove swamp below Tumarbong Falls, Palawan, Philippines - and then in 2004, in Eastern Sabah, Malaysia, on the Kinabatangan River - a jump over the Merrill/Dickerson Line (secondary Wallace Line)!

montana, Schlecter     - 1/2", golden yellow fuzzy flowers; 15-20 flowers in umbel; leaves wavy, shiny on a moderate, handsome vine. New Guinea

 nicholsoniae, Muell.     C - 1/2", yellow flowers; 10 in umbel; leaves prominently veined, on a rank vine.  Very easily grown and flowered. Many other species are confused with this one!  Australia

nummulariodes, Cost.  D - small, white flowers; 10 in umbel; leaves small, as coins;  on a modest vine, Indo-China,

obscura, Elmer D- 1/4 " pink-white flowers;15-20 in umbel; leaves mediusm small on a modest vine.  Philippines

obovata, Decaisne.    D- 1/2”, pale pink and red flowers; 20 in umbel; leaves round round-obovate, sometimes emarginate, heavy, on sort of a wild but pretty vine. One of my favorites. Thailand and Laos?

-- var. chimera               E- As type except that stems may be black and flowers mottled with black.  Hort 

obtusifoliodes, Gilding and T Green    D – ¾", apple green to red, partially closed; 10-12 in umbel (with many umbels out at one time) on this large growing vive.  Pleasant fragrance (the only Eriostemma that I know with a decent fragrance).  Add oyster shell to mix. Sabah, Malaysia. An Eriostemma, previously TG97089 


odetteae, Kloppenburg    D- 1/4" yellow flowers; 4 - 6 in umbel; leaves narrow and small, on a weepy small vine.  Southern Philippines

HOYA ODETTEAE from Minanao, Phippines (everblooming for me)

odorata, Schl.     D- 3/4", white and green flowers; 4 in umbel; wonderful fragrance of lemon/lime;; leaves, 3", thin, shiny, new leaves pink, like a Eugenia. A 3' bush. I like this one. Philippines This is not H cembra (which has never been recollected - or at least recognized).

onychoides , Forester & D&I Liddle     E- 2", dark maroon flowers with the corolla lobes bent forward (as clawed); 8-12 in umbel; leaves large, dark green to 12", on a medium vine. Heavenly night fragrance.  Fantastic, unusual Hoya. Papua New Guinea. 

ovalifolia, Wight and Arn.     C- 1/2”, buff flowers; 15 in umbel; leaves medium to small, clean, on a scrambling vine. Sri Lanka     

pachyclada, Kerr     E- 2 node cutting. 1/2", pale green and pink flowers; 30 in umbel; leaves thick, light green with prominent veins, on a bushy, very slow growing, succulent plant. This is a true xerophyte! Thailand and Burma.  

pentaphlebia, Merr.   E - 1/2" yellow and white flowers; 10-15 in umbel.  Medium to very large, up to 10 x 12", prominent palmately veined leaves.  Philippines

HOYA PENTAPHLEBIA - Some of these leaves can be the size of a dinner plate!

pimenteliana, Kloppenburg     D-1/2", white, starry flowers; 10-12 flowers in umbel; 4", medium, small, pinnate leaves on a thin-stemmed vine.   This blooms all of the time for me. One of the most fragrant Hoyas - night and day. Philippines

plicata, King and Gamble    C- 3/8" pale orange; 20-25 flowers on an open umbel; leaves lanceolate on a wiry vine. Malaysia

polystachya Blume  F 1/2", drab rose flowers, 35-40 in multiple umbels; handsome leaves to 9", palmately veined, shiny, dark green on a robust vine. 

HOYA POLYSTACHYA, showing its multiple peduncles and tons of lowers

pubicalyx Kloppenburg  D   Since a plant that meets the description of the true H pubicalyx has not been found (and, the herbarium sheet has been lost), we are trying to determine exactly what we have under that name. These leaves are ovate, as described.  See below.  Philippines 

pubicorolla  Kloppenburg     C Known previously (for at least 50 years) as H. pubicalyx. 3/4", 20 - 25 fuzzy red flowers on a robust vine. Leaves not ovate as true description  lanceolate as pubicalyx.  Philippines

H. pubicorolla, on left, and H. pubicalyx (Pollilo Island), on right.  

purpureo-fusca, Hooker     C- 3/4" reddish brown flowers; 15 in umbel; medium-large leaves, as cinnamomifolia, with prominent veins, on a robust vine. Indonesia    Syn H cinnamomifolia purpureofusca The Philippines

ranauensis, T. Green and Kloppenburg    F- Handsomely veined, very large leaves;  flowers ivory and red, 1/4", musky, fragrant flowers. This is much like vitellinoides. A very good grower. Sabah.  


retusa, Vahl.     D- 1/2”, white with red corona flower; 2 - 4 in umbel. This is a tangled, small, narrow leafed one with the ends of the leaf chopped off (retuse). Really a weird Hoya vine!     Southern India

HOYA RETUSA - Over 100 flowers on this plant

revoluta, Wight     C- Whole plant much like micrantha except leaves thinner, dark green with thickened edge and curved, loose pedicels of umbel and with pink flowers. Thailand and Malaysia

ridleyi, King & Gamble    D- 1/2", pearly white flowers; 10 -15 flowers in umbel; leaves, variable, medium sized on a strong vine.  Peninsular Malaysia.

rigida, Kerr     D- Flowers much like acuta; a very husky, robust vine with medium sized, hard, ovate leaves (some boat-shaped). Grow dry in the winter. This is what I call a succulent -  you can drive nails with a leaf!  Burma and Thailand 

rintzii, Rodda, et al    F-  3/4", pink  flowers; 20-30 in umbel, leaves ovate-lanceolate on medium vine. Indonesia

rotundifolia,  Siebold, D - 1/2 white flowers; 10 in umbel; leaves medium "square"; on a modest vine

HOYA SIGILLATIS, The Silver Flecked Hoya

sigillatis, T. Green      F - 1/4” flowers, buff-gold,; 15-20 in umbel. 1/2" x 3” leaves, reddish with 50% silver flecked, flat, on a small modest vine. This is absolutely striking! . Sabah, Malaysia

skinneriana, Kloppenburg    C- 3/4", dark pink flowers (much like pubicalyx); 20-25 in umbel; leaves medium on a rambling vine. Sap clear. Origin?  


subcalva, Burkhill     F- 3/4", raspberry-pink flowers; 20 in umbel; grape-like fragrance; leaves 5", handsome, on a robust vine. I like this one and still call it Welch's -because of the grape-like smell!  Solomon Islands     This is my favorite Hoya!

HOYA SUBCALVA (My favorite Hoya))

subquintuplinervis, Miq.      D- 1/2, greenish white flowers, 30 in umbel; leaves medium sized, heavy and with prominent veins. The leaves may change shape by the amount of fertilizer. From Northern Thailand   

surigaoensis, Kloppenburg, Siar & Nyhuus    D- 1/2", dark yellow flowers, practically a dead ringer for H. pentaphlebia; 20-30 in umbel, large dark green leaves on a strong vine.  This was in the collection of 10, as EG00807. From Mindanao, Philippines.




sussuela  Blume    D- 2", pink to rose to yellow, slightly cupped flower; few in umbel; leaves medium much like affinis, strong vine.  Cape York, Australia  An Eriostemma so add oyster shell to mix.

tannaensis, T Green and Kloppenburg    D - Whole plant much like leucorhoda. 1/2", white and pink flower with rose corona, 5 -20 in umbel, leaves medium, on a scrambling vine.  Mine blooms continuously. This is good!  Eastern Vanuatu.

HOYA TANNAENSIS from the volcanic Tanna Island

tsangii, Burton   C- Small 3/8" rose colored flowers; 10-20 in umbel; small ovate to lanceolate leaves on a small hanging vine. There is a mix-up of this and H odetteae, see Ted's Soap Box. Syn DS-70, TG81084   Philippines This is good

--variegata    D, As type, except leaves green, red, and white.  Very good.

treubiana   C- Flowers very similar to H. meliflua but the growth is different in its beautiful up to l2", shiny, hard leaves; on a rampant vine (my  plant is about 50 ft into some trees). Indonesia. This had been erroneously known as H. fraterna for over 100 years. Origin? (only the Shadow knows), probably  Indonesia and the Southern Philippines,. Syn H. meliflua ssp fraterna.  See Ted's Soap Box.

uncinata, Teijsm.     D- 3/4", pinkish-white flowers; 15 in umbel; leaves 3"-4", lanceolate, quite flat, dark green with blotching, on a modest vine. Coronal lobes hooked (uncinate). Much like H. padangensis that lacks the hooked lobes. Sumatra, Indonesia

vanuatuensis, T Green    C- 3/4", pale concolor yellow flowers; 15 in umbel; leaves thick, 2" ovate, on a very robust vine. Vanuatu 

verticillata, G. Don    C-  Pale greenish white to pink,  small flowers, vineeasy grower. Peninsular Malaysia

--var hendersonii, Velkamp    D -very large handsome leaf with prominent veins  Robinson Power Dam,Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

villosa, Cost.    F- Plant is very similar to globulosa but with larger leaves. Flower reported to be different. Must be cool-growing for I can’t flower it here. Vietnam

vitellina, Blume     C- 1/2”, orange-egg-yolk colored flowers; 20-25 in umbel; silver flecked, medium to large, beautiful leaves on a robust vine. Indonesia.

vitellinoides, Bakh. f.   E- Flowers very similar to finlaysonii - even to the flowers being short lived and with the same fragrance, 1/2", yellow and red; 25 - 40 in umbel; leaves, very variable, medium to large on a robust vine.  Indonesia and Borneo. This is the one called Chicken Farm by Eva-Karin and Torill - for we collected it on a dead tree by a residence with tons of chicken


vitiensis, Turrill     E- 3/4", beautiful, dusky-lavender flowers - with silver hairs that make them look metallic; 6 - 10 in umbel; vine growth much like schneei. I like this color. Fiji

wayetii, Kloppenburg     D- 1/4”, deep red-rose, fuzzy flowers; 25 - 30 in umbel; leaves 3/4” x 4”, dark green with or without a dark purple edge, canoe-shaped, on a modest clumping, pendant vine.  Luzon, Philippines.  

sp campanulata? LTL1    D - 1", pale tan-white campanulate flowers; 10-15 flowers in umbel: thin medium leaves on a viny bush.  Much like a large form of H. cystiantha. Night fragrance like citronella - lemon grass.  Still looking for the real campanulata from Java. Peninsular Malaysia

LTL1 vs H cystiantha (notice the 6 coronal lobes of the LTL1 clone - a freak, for it usually has 5)

bauensis T Green      F Interesting vine very similar to H meredithii except more droopy and with lanceolate leaves with long acute tip. This is not H meredithii. Origin Bau, Sarawak

SP. Kast,  With its handsome up to 10 inch leaves

sp. Biak Island    F 1/4", yellow; 10-15 in umbel; leaves 1 x 1-1/2". Stems may attach close to support with odd, flat arrangement of branches. Leaves sometimes flecked with gray blotches. This is a handsome, clean cut, compact plant.  Biak Island, Indonesia


sp. Germany      E- Whole plant very similar to H finlaysonii except that the leaves flat and have a much more reticulate venation.  This was from a grower in Germany - not wild there!  Synonym, the doubtful "hybrid"  Jennifer (finlaysonii x incrassata).

sp. Gold Star        C- 1-1/2", yellow-green starry flower; 4 - 8 in umbel; whole plant completely bald, as H.ariadna. Country of origin unknown.  An Eriostemma     Add oyster shell/or limestone  to mix.



sp. salweenica?     C- 1/2”, all-white flower, much like carnosa; leaves lanceolate, medium sized, thick, on a moderate vine.  As carnosa, the sap is clear. Thailand, Burma, Eastern India?


sp. USDA 354242  C-1-1/4", clear yellow, slightly cupped flowers; 4-6 in umbel; leaves 4", fuzzy, on a robust vine. Flowers best in good light. Add oyster shell to mix. Papua New Guinea. An Eriostemma 

HOYA SP. USDA 354242

VARIEGATED HOYAS - I have been asked if I have any variegated forms of Hoyas or Dischidias.  I believe that light intensity greatly influences the percentage and extent of variegation (and the introduction of pink and red) .  Also, I have found that those forms that are most variegated are usually the hardest to root. Here are some of the ones that I have.

Photo 1, H. acuta, Photo 2, H. australis, Photo 3, H. australis, D. nummularia, Photo 4, H. kerrii, Photo 5, H. carnosa, Photo 6, H. polystachya.


Here are 2 collections - set one - 8 Eriostemmas and set two - 8 odd leaves.  Some are straight species. some classified and some are hybrids. I am offering them as set One or Two and are sold only as a collection (not mixed) for $100. These should be interesting for both the beginner and the collector, most have bloomed BUT none with large blue flowers with yellow dots!  


H. affinis, H Gold Star, H. ciliata, H. obtusifolioides, H. Isabella, H. Ruthie, H. Optomistic. H hollrungii


H. merrillii, H brevialata, H , H acuta var, H heuschkeliana, H  pubicalyx,  H tsangii, H pubicalyx and H wayetii

TELOSMA is a genus of tropical vines that demand the same cultural conditions as Hoyas. They should be treated as terrestrials and, this one offered, should be trained on a trellis. This is not a house plant for it needs a lot of light and room. These plants are not easily rooted. 

cordata, (Burm f)     C- 1/2, chartreuse, bell-shaped flowers; 8-l0 in umbel; leaves round, cordate, 3", dark green, thin, on a wirey, very robust vine. This is the Pakalana (or Chinese Violet) of lei making. A beautiful fragrance! Need a lot of light to do well. China-India This the lei flower of Hawaii


Dorothy and I went back to Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia in Feb '14 to visit gardens, people and do some photography (no collecting).  How things have changed - "improvements" are definitely not always improvements.  I liked the way Singapore was in 1963 and the old colonial E and O Hotel in Penang of 25 years ago or the colonial hotel on Mt. Jerai - of 10 years ago. Saw the biggest H coriacea vine yet on Mt. Jerai! This was a bucket trip for me.

Dorothy and I went back to Sabah in April '12 (my 10th trip to Borneo in 21 years) and saw new things at the Butterfly Farm at Kipandi.  A social trip just to see what is happening...Hiking told me that I need a right knee replacement.

Went back to the Philippines and Sabah, Malaysia, Malaysia in April '11 - to see collectors around Manila and then on to Sabah, Malaysia, Malaysia to plant out tissue cultured H. spartiodes in 3 places, where it is very rare.  Also, to visit collectors and friends.  I went alone and always hate traveling alone.  

I went solo to Micronesia in May 2010, to collect the true H. schneei (since most of the ones in the trade are H. leucorhoda) and to try to collect H. trukensis (which I have never seen).  Found the H schneei but not the H trukensis - wrong island in the Truk group - This was a very expensive trip! AND, to top it off - we lost the big plant of H schneei, last year.

Still, there is a prize waiting for the first person who gets H. glabra to produce a leaf greater than 9” x 12”. Send a picture! 

Some higher elevation hoyas do not grow that well for me Hoya gildingii and Hoya nyhuusiae (T. Nyhuus photos), both from the Crocker Range of Sabah, Malaysia, Malaysia.  Incidentally, these honor 2 of my collecting buddies - Ed Gilding and Torill Nyhuus!      Photos by Torill Nyhuus  

Hoya gildingii, from Mt. Kinabalu   Hoya nyhuusiae, also from Mt. Kinabalu


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